July 30th, 2023

CashFlow ConnectUp

at Mini Auditorium, IITM Research Park


Kudos everyone for taking that Extra Mile to visit us! 


`Portfolio Building

We accomplished the incredible feat of building not just one, not ten, but 60 portfolios in just 60 minutes during our hands-on session!

And the best part? Every single attendee who came in with their resumes and laptops walked away with their very own websites!

Panel Discussion

What an incredible panel discussion it was!

Our esteemed panelists brought forth a wealth of knowledge and expertise, guiding us through the world of finance with ease. Our Students gained valuable practical insights on how they can effectively manage their money.


Building a network is as crucial as breathing!

The event served as the perfect platform to showcase your presence and create meaningful connections. As everyone departed, they carried with them a pocket full of invaluable connections that will fuel their career towards success!



Every bit you enjoyed, We enjoyed too!

Every one who missed it, We miss you too!



Featuring the most fun filled picture of one of our members!



Highlights of the Experience



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